As a landscape design and construction business, we offer an array of services customised to suit your needs.

From day one until the completion of the project, we will walk with you as your personal guide, involving you in the decision-making process, answering any questions and ensuring that your newly landscaped garden exceeds your expectations.

Please note: the cost of a landscape design is dependent upon the size and complexity of the design. If you have a very simple garden in mind please call us to discuss how we can tailor our service to suit your exact needs.



Design Consultation

At this initial stage we will schedule a convenient time to meet with you to review your existing garden and establish your garden preferences and priorities. We will discuss style, lifestyle requirements, constraints, budget, spatial layout, materials and finishes. Detailed notes, sketches and photographs will be taken during this design stage. The cost of this initial consultation is $115 including GST.

The initial consultation is typically 1.5 hours in length and is a very detailed discussion of your exact needs and expectations.

Following the initial consultation and your approval of our fee structure, we will initiate our 3 step design process outlined below.

Concept Design

The concept design is a digital sketch that will show the major features within the design. The purpose of this sketch is to ensure that future construction designs accurately reflect your expectations and intentions for the project.

Along with a sketch an inspiration board of images showing particular features, plants, materials or styles will be provided to highlight the design intent.

The concept design is usually presented during an on-site meeting. For extremely simple or small projects this may be the extent of the necessary design process. However, for all but the simplest projects further designs will be necessary.

Design Development

This is the fun part! During the development stage the exact location of features is set and specific material choices are made. We will check in with you to share ideas and get your feedback on materials and plants that we feel will suit your expectations. Any changes in your wishes for the overall layout need to be made as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Master Plan & Complementary Designs

The final step in the design process is the delivery of a full Master Plan and accompanying designs that explain in detail individual aspects of the landscape’s construction. The Master Plan is usually scaled at 1:100 and provides detail on the overall nature of the design and how every individual aspect fits together.

Complementary to the Master Plan, an irrigation plan, planting plan and list of specifications that detail such things as the size of plants and level of soil preparation required will be included where appropriate. 


If you are looking for a contractor with the skills and expertise to install your new landscape look no further.

The construction process starts with the development of a fully itemised quotation listing the exact quantity, size and price of every aspect of the landscape, as per the Master Plan and accompanying specifications. Upon your approval of the quotation, a schedule of works and a starting date can be confirmed.

As a guide, 25% of the value of the contract is payable as a deposit, with a series of progress payments required until sign off or completion. 


Sometimes you don’t need a whole new garden, rather you just need an irrigation or a planting design. We are more than happy to help you with the design of irrigation systems that will suit your exact needs. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs in detail.


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Great landscapes with striking elements do need a little tender loving care along the way. We provide a maintenance service for landscapes that we have built. This service includes everything that your garden needs, all provided at a simple hourly rate with no hidden fees.

You can expect:

  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Pruning and hedging, as appropriate
  • Removal of all waste
  • Fertilising
  • Irrigation system testing and maintenance (no broken sprinklers from the lawn mower!)
  • Pest and disease treatment
  • Wetting agent application
  • Lawn and weed treatments

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Consultancy/Home Garden Site Visit

Consultancy covers a personal site visit to your garden and covers professional advice on your garden layout, existing plant selection, soil management, garden maintenance and irrigation system optimisation, all at a time that suits you.

The minimum call out fee for this service is $115 including GST. After the first 1.5 hours, an hourly rate of $60 per hour is charged.

Landscape Design

This service takes things a step further with the development of scale drawings of a new garden concept.

The design process is described in detail above, but more generally covers the development of a concept design for your approval then a Master Plan and planting plan.

Garden design fees start at $500 including GST for a master and planting plan. An additional irrigation plan starts at $160 including GST.

Landscape Construction

There is no call out fee for quotes, however we do request that detailed design documentation be made available. A design, even a simple design will be necessary if no design work has been carried out.

We charge $85 per hour (including GST) on-site for landscape construction. A fixed price quote can be given for labour, providing detailed designs are made available. Project management of externally designed projects will be charged at 7.5% of the value of the entire contract.

Landscape Maintenance

We exclusively offer maintenance for projects that we have built. Maintenance is provided at a simple hourly rate with no hidden fees. We charge $80 per hour for maintenance, with a minimum charge of $100 per attendance.